KM Test done 300x236 Booking Group Events   Booking Group Events is just a phone call away. Depending on the event, age group, and number of participants we can usually book your event within 3-4 weeks. Sooner than that is not recommended for planning purposes. What kind of event can be booked? I am glad you asked!


 Pretty much any kind of party! We hold a Monthly Birthday Bash (FREE) on a Saturday afternoon. Any child, student or not, can book their event that day. To learn more and prepare simply call us directly. You can also view our calendar for the next Birthday Dates. Private Parties can also be booked. Want to celebrate Post-Season? Or celebrate Graduation or Commencement?

With Private Parties you will be reserving the Academy for just your group and event; there is a fee which we will review along with planning details.


We often hold a Seminar or Clinic for Non-Profit Groups. We have done a Woman’s Self-Defense class for DMV employees, a Krav Maga Intro Class for Students at ITT Tech, Basic Karate classes for the Boys & Girls Club, just to name a few. Does your Boy Scout or Girl Scout troop need to earn a badge? Yup! We have done that, too! A Single event is usually FREE. However, we have also booked a series of classes for Training at a nominal fee. These events are great because they can be tailored to your needs and schedule!

You can visit our Facebook page ( ) and view some of our photo albums of events!

Just got the great news!

We will be hosting a Level 1 Krav Maga test Sunday November 16th.

Chief Instructor and Test Administrator: Master Scott Turner.

Start time will be 10am and cost is only $50.

Please contact us directly at the school number to register/RSVP:


KM Test done 300x236 Krav Maga Level 1 Test

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